I Have a Clear Understanding of Who I Am


My mind is at peace with who I am because it is who I have chosen to be. I am a devoted friend, a loving parent, a responsible worker, and an all-around fun person. Who I am depends solely on how I see myself and how I chose to behave.

I identify myself not by where I come from, but by where I am choosing to go. I think and speak positively of myself in order to build up my spirit with my words. 

When I acknowledge my worth with certainty, I am a force to be reckoned with. I know that I was created for a purpose and that my life has a calling. My family, my friends, and my Creator value me more than diamonds. 

Although I seek to be at peace with everyone, I live for myself and for my family. I reject negative criticism, therefore I am unaffected by others' negative opinions. If I am ever faced with denigration, I move on quickly without dwelling on it and remind myself of all the greatness within me.

Understanding my worth enables me to take risks beyond my imagination. When I let go of self-doubt, I soar far above mediocrity and I become extraordinary. My confidence also helps me to refrain from judgment, accepting others as they are. 

Today, I choose to lift the limits of my possibilities by recognizing my value and embracing the person that I am.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some great things about me?
  2. Do I reject negative criticism?
  3. How can I overcome that which prevents me from taking risks?

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