12 Signs That You’re Doing Better Than You Think

It’s not unusual for a person to think they’re doing worse than they actually are. Some of us are just pessimistic. Progress can also be hard to see sometimes unless you’re looking in the right places for it.

If you feel like you’re working hard with little to show for it, you’re probably mistaken. It’s likely that you’re doing a lot better than you think!

Consider these positive signs:

  1. You learn the lesson that each mistake and failure provide. If you can learn something from every failure and mistake, it won't take long before you're incredibly successful. Most people repeat their errors over and over again, whether it's overspending money or choosing a partner with so many red flags and failing to catch these red flags in the beginning. People have a strong tendency to repeat their behaviors. But you can choose to act differently than you did the last time you were in a similar situation!
  2. You're clear on what you want. This can be half the battle. You have a huge advantage over the competition if you know what you want. Most people are aimlessly floating through life and fail to set standards and clear boundaries about what they can and what they won't tolerate.
  3. You spend your time wisely. When deciding what to do next, ask yourself what the best use of your time will be, then do it. Try to prioritize and allocate time to activities that can bring value in your life. People think taking the time to relax does not bring value in one's life. But, relaxing or taking 30 minute mental breaks can be good for your body because this gives you time to recharge and also think of ways to allocate time and be productive. 
  4. You're making regular progress. Consistent progress is a great sign. Even if you feel you're years away from accomplishing your goals, all you need is regular progress. Take for example, when trying to lose weight, this does not happen overnight. You have to constantly push yourself to workout daily and eat healthy. If you don't make regular progress this goal will be difficult to reach.
  5. You're consistent in your efforts. Successful people put in work on a daily basis. To be successful, one needs to be able to practice consistency. Being consistent means that you're sticking to your goals and making sure you're working on achieving these goals daily. Working for a week on one goal and then changing your mind and working on something else is a path to failure. 
  6. You're not alone. You have friends and family to run to and share your highs and lows. If you're not alone, you're doing better than many other people in the world who are alone and feel lonely. 
  7. You're optimistic. When you're optimistic, there's hope. When you're optimistic, you'll take action. Conversely, when your expectations are low, you quickly become stuck, because you believe your efforts will be a waste of time.
  8. You're determined. Commitment is a great sign that you're going places. Good things happen when you're determined. 
  9. You're not worried about the opinions of others. If you care too much about what others think, you'll prefer to play it safe, and you won't do anything significant. You can leave these people and their opinions in the dust behind you!
  10. You have a warm place to sleep. If you've ever had to go without this, you know how nice this is. If you have a roof under your head, then you're doing better than you think. 
  11. You have a job. A steady income is a great thing. Many people either can't find work or are unable to maintain employment. Even if you're earning less than you'd like, it's a lot better than earning nothing at all. 
  12. You're healthy. If you're healthy, you have a huge leg up on a lot of people. There are people who spend most of their lifetime going in and out of hospitals due to being diagnosed with a certain health condition. These people would give anything to have a good health and live a normal life. Good health is a huge blessing.

Life is easy in many ways and can also be challenging at times. A high priority is placed on success, but there are other things that are also important. Having friends, a warm bed, and being happy are also important too. 

If you're clear on what you're trying to accomplish, and you're spending your time wisely, you're doing quite well. This is true even if the results haven't revealed themselves yet. Have faith!


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